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Added links to ArdentTly's The Conqueror's Harvest and Within Five Days by Robert Dubh Nianque


May 30th, 2000 New links for new stories..

June 20th, 1999 Pups unite on the cover of Claire's MNN Reports

June 5th, 1999Added Ciegra's Dar&Kerrie Album to the homepage

June 3rd, 1999 We are proud to announce CC granted us permission to publish her newsreports leading to the Missycon, held in Orlando.

Her reports are under MNN reports

June 1st, 1999 Hey Pups and Hawkes. Today we start a new journey with the UnOffical Site of PUPSICAL STORM, The OTHER Movie. JTD made the layout for the homepage. I'm only a baby in making a website, so you may see some changes over the next days, weeks etc. We will try to keep you informed about all upcoming events, changes in the cast and whatever comes up.