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Famous dates in the Tour de France

There are several fascinating things to be told about 'La Grande Boucle'. During the 87 editions that have been held until now, a lot of things have changed. Also, a lot of new features have been introduced in the Tour de France. In this chapter a short overview of these features is given.

01 Jul 1903

02 Jul 1903

11 Jul 1903

Jul 1903

Jul 1905

Jul 1905

Aug 1909

21 Jul 1910

Jul 1919

24 Jun 1933

27 Jul 1934

Jul 1953

Jul 1954

Jun 1976

Jun 1975 

Start of the first ever Tour de France in 'le Parc des Princes' in Paris at exactly 15.16 PM. 

First stage win in the Tour de France by Maurice Garin (FRA).

First foreign stage win by Charles Laeser (SUI).

Finish of the first Tour de France, 2428 km or 94:33:14 hours of racing later. The first Tour was won by Maurice Garin (FRA).

First 'col' in the Tour de France: Ballon d'Alsace (Vosges). René Pottier (FRA) was the first rider to reach the top.

The first col in the Alps: Cote de l'Affrey.

First foreign Tour de France win by François Faber (LUX).

First climbs in the Pyrenees: Tourmalet and Aubisque.

The first time the Yellow Jersey was presented to the riders. Eugène Christophe (FRA) wore the first one.

Introduction of the Mountain Classification

First Time Trial in the Tour de France; Antonin Magne (ITA) was the first winner.

The Green Jersey was introduced in the Tour de France. Fritz Schaer (SUI) led the classification that day (after the prologue) and received the Yellow Jersey by doing so. Wout Wagtmans (NED) was the first rider to actually wear the green jersey.

First Team Time Trial in the Tour de France. The national team of Switzerland was the fastest team in Les Essarts.

First ever Prologue in the Tour de France. The short Time Trial (5.775 km) in Angers was won by José Maria Errandonea (ESP).

Introduction of the Youth Classification and the White Jersey for its leader. The first White Jersey winner was Francesco Moser (ITA).





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