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New for Monday June 12, 2000: Chapter 6
Welcome the opening page of The Conqueror's Harvest. From here you can travel back in time to the realm of Lord Xena, ruler of the Corinthian Empire, a land that was in constant turmoil.

Updates are posted here fairly often.  It depends on the muses, more than anything else.

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Beware the Conqueror

by ArdentTly


She takes what she wants
Cos it's all just a game
"The Destroyer of Nations"
Gave Xena her fame
She's a killer, she's a lover
She's a warrior, too
She's the Conqueror, baby
And she'll get to you
A wild force of nature
With a killer smile
All packaged up nice
With her feminine wiles
She'll seduce you and win you
Cos to her it's just fun
She'll take what she needs
And leave cos she's won
She's Ares pet project
And the Lord of his dreams
All beauty and charm
But not what she seems
Tall, dark and dangerous
With a killer's eye
She'll cut you and bleed you
With a casual sigh
Don't try to redeem her
Cos she doesn't care
There is no remorse
Behind her cold stare
So beware the Dark Lord
With the ice in her veins
The future is black
When the Conqueror reigns

Copyright by ArdentTly
January 4, 1998