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The Foreign Market Ltd (est.1994)

A Canadian Company (World domination will soon be ours)


Mission Statement:  Welcome to our web site. The Foreign Market Limited offers consumers, retailers, and wholesalers a variety of merchandise and services ranging from Art by world class Canadian Artists, Retail Consulting, specalizing in  Grocery and Deli retailing, which includes store set ups or revamps, schematics, merchandizing, staff training, realignments, and targeting your market, Self-Defence and Martial Arts courses avaliable through books and video's with testing and promotion from anywhere in the world, Food Stuffs, Pet Toys, Specialty Items and much much more.

The point being we want to approach everything from a truly Canadian viewpoint which is have fun and be serious about your business, so yes we will make it light and enjoyable to browse through.

The site will be changing all the time so highlight it as one of your favourite you never know what you may find. If you can't find something ask, I bet you a looney we can, so enjoy your visit and come back often.

Inquires: Chris Ridgway


days until the opening of this page.